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Celerity. Technical acuity. Artistic perspective. High quality standards.
These are the concepts that guide our services.

Lip-sync dubbing
TV series, movies, animated series: regardless of the format, we do it. We rely on a diverse array of voices, with new or established talents.
Voice over dubbing
If you wish to keep the original audio channel, our work will be performed with dedication and satisfaction. We have dubbed innumerous documentaries and reality shows in V.O.
Sound tracks and sound effects
Music is part of our DNA. Amongst us we have excellent songwriters and arrangers, ready to create or make local versions of the sound tracks.
Translation and subtitles
Fast and precise production, performed by an experienced team of translators, fluent in many languages. Suitability of the best expressions, to ensure the original meaning of the idea.
Original Voice
In here, creation and imagination come through. Inspiration comes from characters and their characteristics, but experimentation prevails. We search for – and find – the perfect voice for each and everyone of them, giving life and soul to the characters.
Song localization
Song versions are made in a simple and natural way, keeping the richness of the original melody, with lyrics adaptation into Brazilian Portuguese. A large team of singers brings the new version to life, staying true to the original vibe of the material.


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The story of the Dubbing Company began when Jose Gustavo Souza founded a recording studio called Fabrica do Som in the city of Campinas almost 30 years ago.
For a long time we focused happily on music, ads for radio and TV, and other recordings: our passion and dedication got us several awards, and so our business grew steadily.

One day in 2014 we got a call from an old friend who said “We want you to do the dubbing for Quentin Tarantino’s FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. Are you up for it?”

High-quality audio recording and finding just the right words to say something was our thing. And so was working under time pressure, but the dubbing was new territory. It was surely going to be a challenge and we had never thought about this kind of work, but it looked like a fantastic project to take on. We decided to go for it, and after a week of really hard work and several crazy moments, the project was delivered on time and according to specs.

Soon after, a new division was officially created and it was named Dubbing Company. It has since skyrocketed, and in less than five years it turned into the most significant division of the studio, working for market leaders like Netflix, SDI and Paramount, Turner as well as local players across the globe.

We believe that our track record of success comes from the fact that we set the bar high. Quality is non-negotiable in a competitive market and every second of recording needs to be just right, or it will compromise the final result and the experience of the movie watchers.

On top of that, what is quality if it takes too long to deliver? Speed is quintessential both in delivering the recordings and in retakes and after-sales. A customer of ours once said, “You guys have got a rapid-fire response.” We loved hearing that; the phrase has since been adopted and has become our corporate mantra.

We are very aware that the only way we can deliver this level of quality and timeliness is by having a great team: people who believe in the mission and values of the company, who love what they do and who have the experience and technical skills to back it up. We treasure our culture and know that only in a positive work environment creativity, consistency, and collaboration can thrive.

And as with everything in life, we evolve to be able to stay on top: we always look for things we can do better, we stay attuned to the market trends, invest in employee development and in diversity, we generate our green energy and cut back on waste, our recording studios and equipment fit the latest international safety and quality requirements, and we are one of the few TPN certified studios in Brazil. Excellence, for us at Dubbing Company, is a continuous process of attention and innovation. It never stops.

The icing on the cake comes from casting top-notch voice actors. We have developed excellent working relationships with talents of all ages, the vast majority of which already has been the voice for internationally recognized actors and actresses. Their striking voices give personality to each work, be it lip-sync dubbing, voice-over, narrations, original voice, or localization of songs.

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How are we able to make a difference in a world where competition is getting tougher and differentiation is often difficult to find?
At Dubbing Company, we believe in the sound that connects the world.
To us, that sound is more than what you hear when we speak.
Because our words are our commitment to deliver what we promise.
They are the perfectly-fitting local expressions for what people say in other languages, connecting everyone around the globe.
That sound is driven by emotion.
That sound creates goosebumps, tears, joy, and the eagerness to keep on listening, to watch on til the end.
To us, that sound is our passion and our desire to consistently deliver the best.
It’s our way to stand out, from the lengthiest production to the slightest whisper.
Because that sound is in every detail.
Sound is respect.
Because we believe that each note contributes to the beauty of the final composition.
Our sound is at the speed of light because we know that in our customers’ world, agility is a daily necessity.
We understand that reality.
That’s why that sound, to us, is everything.
That’s why that sound is our world.

Dubbing Company
Composing emotions
Orchestrating connections


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