About us

About us

— Who we are

The Dubbing Company was born in 2014, inside a music recording studio with decades of experience in the city of Campinas, São Paulo State. The studios have been inherited but, knowing how to make the best out of every second of it´s young existence, it grew fast and exponentially. We currently produce over 4,000 minutes of content each month, in a new infrastructure completely redesigned to ensure flexibility and agility in our work flow to meet our contract demands.

— Competence and passion

Here, qualified, creative and committed professionals will oversee your project from pre- production to final delivery, always respecting the deadlines settled with the client. We are very passionate and enthusiastic about what we do. And this energy shows. Frame by frame. Minute by minute. We have a permanent crew of around 40 employees among directors, technicians, financial and administrative personnel and post-production. We deliver the best results, which emerge from a competent process, either in the selection and artistic directing of the voices, in the mixing or in the rigorous review and Quality Control processes. We are here to stay, thankful for what has already been done and with a lot of determination and competence to go beyond.

— Established
— Headquarters

Campinas/SP Brazil

— Services provided

We offer translations into brazilian portuguese, for the following modalities: lipsync dubbing, voice over, soundtracks, sound effects, translations, subtitles, original voice e and song locations.

Meet the crew

See the faces of those who help to give a voice to our work.

José Gustavo - CEO
José Gustavo
Renato Somera - Project manager
Renato Somera
Project manager
Hector Vega - Financial manager
Hector Vega
Financial manager
Lutze de Aquino - Administrative manager
Lutze de Aquino
Administrative manager
Renan Alonso - Artistic coordinator
Renan Alonso
Artistic coordinator
Beatriz Maríngoli - Scheduling
Beatriz Maríngoli
Gislaine Garcia - Reception
Gislaine Garcia
Nelson Javier - Pre-Production Coordinator
Nelson Javier
Pre-Production Coordinator
Rafael Patiri - Pre-Production
Rafael Patiri
Marcelo Blanck - Post-Production Coordinator
Marcelo Blanck
Post-Production Coordinator
Thiago Myiazaki - Post-Production
Thiago Myiazaki
Ricardo Parma - Mixing
Ricardo Parma
André Gaiani - Dubbing Director
André Gaiani
Dubbing Director
Rodrigo Vicente (Digão) - Dubbing Director
Rodrigo Vicente (Digão)
Dubbing Director
Beto Sporkens - Audiovisual Communication
Beto Sporkens
Audiovisual Communication
Amanda Moreira - Dubbing Director
Amanda Moreira
Dubbing Director
Carla Martelli - Dubbing Director
Carla Martelli
Dubbing Director
Bruna Nogueira - Dubbing Director
Bruna Nogueira
Dubbing Director
Mariana Pozatto - Dubbing Director
Mariana Pozatto
Dubbing Director
Janaína Vallim - Web Content
Janaína Vallim
Web Content
Alex Imperador - Image Designer
Alex Imperador
Image Designer
Maximiliano de Lima (Max) - IT
Maximiliano de Lima (Max)
Jefferson Souza (Guga) - Maintenance
Jefferson Souza (Guga)
Aparecida dos Santos (Dadá) - Cleaning
Aparecida dos Santos (Dadá)